Educate the New.

Motivate the Frustrated.

Validate the Experienced.


Keynotes Speeches & Sales Strategies

At Custom Keynotes based in Chicago, Illinois, our sales and marketing consulting services will save your company millions of dollars in lost time and missed opportunities. We are passionate about developing a sales action plan based on your organization's specific markets.

Our Services:

• Customized Keynote Speakers
• Custom Keynote Speeches 

• Commercial Sales & Federal Contracting Training

• Sales & Marketing Action Plans
• Keynote Speaker Casting Services  


Meet Eileen Kent
Our owner, Eileen Kent, has spoken in front of more than 10,000 business owners, managers, executives, and sales professionals in private and public events nationwide over the past 10 years. Still, she has never lost sight of her daily driving focus, which is to educate the new, motivate the frustrated, and validate the experienced.

Eileen Kent, Sales and Marketing Consulting in Chicago, IL

Eileen Kent, Sales Strategist & Speaker

When you choose Eileen to customize your sales strategy and introduce it to your team through an exciting on-site event or keynote speech, she will bring your team more than 27 years of commercial and federal sales, sales management, marketing, contracting, proposal writing, trade show, training, and public speaking experience.

Eileen is known for helping large national teams of sales executives learn how to fearlessly seek out new opportunities in their newly appointed markets. They are able to do this with a complete understanding of their sales expectations thanks to our results-oriented customized action plan.

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