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Keynotes Speeches & Sales Strategies

Custom Keynotes in Chicago, Illinois, specializes in custom keynote speaking and sales consulting that impact your bottom line. We help your sales team excel in their markets.

Custom Keynote Speaker
When you are looking for a keynote speaker for your next event, consider a speaker that will provide your audience with actionable information. That speaker is Eileen Kent. Eileen will craft a custom speech that will result in rave reviews about your next event. Her speeches also promote growth and stimulate increased team effort at your company.

Eileen has delivered keynote speeches at national sales events, national association events, and events hosted by the federal government. At all of these events, Eileen has generated an electric enthusiasm that lasts in the minds of the audience. She is often invited back for repeat performances.

Business Marketing Conference, Custom Keynote Speaking and Sales Consulting in Chicago, IL

"Eileen is the gift that keeps on giving," says Barbara Rodriguez of Transfluenci Translations.

Sales and Marketing Action Plans
Our team will analyze your organization and develop an action plan that will help your team win again and again. Many organizations leave their sales executives to fend for themselves. This sink-or-swim management philosophy usually means that the company sinks along with its sales force.

That's where we come in. Our executable action plan can be followed by your sales team to help them streamline their efforts and achieve winning results.

Commercial Sales & Federal Contracting Training
When it comes to selling commercially or to the federal government, Eileen is everyone's favorite sales guru. Eileen's personal success in commercial sales and federal contracting led her to teach her skills on behalf of She has traveled the country with the Federal Sales Academy conducting keynote speeches, training, and webinars teaching thousands of people how to win government contracts.

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